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Optimising the customer experience with PIM

Product Information Management is a discipline enabled with technology that synchronizes, organizes, centralizes, enriches, localizes, and categorizes product data. This software solution enhances customer experience by circulating, maintaining, and centralizing product information on all sales and presentation channels such as…

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Basic training in business process management

Training in BPM must be systematically updated because processes once obsolete can lead to a wrong vision of the future. The digital approach allows training people to enter a revolutionary era by making the most of the company’s capabilities. The…

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Example of business process management training

Business process management is a system for understanding business processes as a whole. It allows to understand the interactions between the various processes in order to automate or organize them. A company must then analyze its operation to have theoretical…

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Business management: what training to follow?

The job of business manager is a challenging and fast-growing profession. In order to exercise it, you need skills that enable you to define your own business plan and recruit your employees, while managing your scope of activity with complete…

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When to train when you’re working?

Are you already working, are you employed and do you still have the ambition to continue your studies or to do a training in another professional field? Would you like to broaden the scope of your knowledge, both in relation…

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