Example of business process management training

Business process management is a system for understanding business processes as a whole. It allows to understand the interactions between the various processes in order to automate or organize them. A company must then analyze its operation to have theoretical models available for adapted IT tools.

The program

Project management training is subdivided into several phases: First of all, familiarization with BPM, this section gives the person the necessary information to understand the concepts and definitions of BPM. Some examples of concrete projects may be available. Secondly the training people are trained on the values of BPM within a company. Finally comes the various practical work including mainly the principles of modeling, practices on computer tools such as BPMN2.0 and modeling languages, and finally the various demonstrations and case studies.

The objectives

Business process management must bring to an organization a value acting as an improvement of its capabilities. Project management training allows the person to be interested in the BPM project, to understand the steps governing the implementation of strategies for the success of a company. At the end of the training, people must know how to model processes, how to make the model evolve and finally translate the strategies into an adapted IT tool in order to integrate it into the market. The business management training aims to enable people to distinguish collaboration, management processes, challenges and risks of the business in order to locate the constraints related to a BPM project. Finally, mastering software processes and metric processes are the interests of the training.

The aspects

Project management training is designed to provide the trainee with all the tools needed to develop business management. A design of BPM strategy is an asset for the person in the event that the project management strategy is used to enhance the needs of the company. Modeling and analysis operations will also be very much used in the case where the optimization of daily processes is necessary. In order to remedy the lack of competent people in business process management techniques, it is important to fill the gaps with methodologies and practices in the company and in the companies in need.

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