Ontology Mapping Store

Availability and Contacts Version: 0.4, 14 July 2005. Download: http://www.omwg.org/tools/omapstore/v0.4/omapstore.zip Source control: To be made available from CVS of the DOME SourceForge project.

Editing and Browsing Implementation

Introduction This deliverable describes the implementation of an editing and browsing tool as a part of an ontology management system. Based on the architecture designed in [1] I show which functionalities have been realized and which components implement them.

Editing and Browsing Requirements

Introduction The goal of this document is to identify requirements for an editing and browsing tool for ontologies. This document integrates points of view of researchers, developers and use case partners.

Mapping Discovery Requirements

Introduction Ontology Mapping Discovery helps the user in finding correspondences between ontologies using different techniques issued from Natural Language processing and artificial intelligence. The algorithms detailed in the present document have as a goal to discover similarities between the concepts,…

A Language Neutral Model for Ontology Interchange

Introduction Ontologies are the key to link consensual real world semantics intended by humans with computers. They conceptualize a certain domain and add formal semantics to its definition. Defining an ontology language or an API for Ontology interchange can be…

Mission Statement – OMWG

Mission Statement It is our mission to create an Ontology Managemente suite for the efficiente and effective management of ontologies. By exhaustively developing such suite, we aim at providing an integral solution for the Ontology management problem.

OMWG Roadmap

Introduction In September 2004 the ontology management working group has been founded in order to develop an ontology management system to be used for several DERI projects and working groups. The group is coordinated by DERI and includes also Ontotext…

Mapping and Merging Tool Design

Introduction This deliverable presents the design of the mapping tool as a part of the ontology management environment DOME. This document is based on the requirements eclicited in the deliverable D7.1 we have designed the achitechture of the mapping tool. This repose…