Optimising the customer experience with PIM


Product Information Management is a discipline enabled with technology that synchronizes, organizes, centralizes, enriches, localizes, and categorizes product data. This software solution enhances customer experience by circulating, maintaining, and centralizing product information on all sales and presentation channels such as goaland.com

You will end up having happier customers, fewer returns, and fewer complaints. With this system, you can update different kinds of product information such as prices, images, and descriptions. You update your product information in different languages, an advantage if you deal with international customers. However, this system is not only for those engaged in the business of digital vendors. Those with brick–and–mortar stores can use it too.

How the system supports price list creation

Traders who don’t use the system often find it challenging to update their product information. This is because it can take up to several hours of their time in a week updating their product information thus making it quite a laborious task.

The system takes up all the work required in managing your product information. This leaves you with extra time to concentrate on other business areas.

Due to its accuracy, you get to avoid redundant product data thus ensuring that your customers are satisfied with the orders they receive as they will have all needed information while making their decisions to purchase products.

How to use PIM to improve the e-commerce experience

Provision of rich and personalized content

The system helps a trader provide rich and personalized content by suggesting relevant offers and relevant items to its customers. This is possible since you will be aware of your customers’ desires and use the system to gain the latest data on their desires. You can easily send those personalized emails and discounts which will most likely lead to a repeat of customers.

Better customer service

E commerce platforms are gradually changing. The system can come in handy in the sense that any member of your organization can update your products thus promoting a positive customer relationship service as you will have the latest content available to your customers.

Improvement of market

With the growth in e commerce platforms as a result of the pandemic, the market for those involved in digital vendors got competitive. With the help of the system, product listing will be accurate thus helping the customers be able to locate the product they easily desire.

Creation of a Single Data Master Record

When it comes to data sources, using the system you get to have automation of a master record that covers all the various processes from consolidating to compiling of data from various sources. This is unlike other management systems such as OMS, ERP, and CRM. Such systems like the CRM tend to produce unstructured data forcing the organization to maintain information by formatting and integrating messy data.

Achievement of the right standardization

Manual assessments and checking of data are prone to errors leading to confusion of the customer and in the end customer disloyalty. This system ensures that all data of your organization’s products meet the standards that are internationally accepted. This is due to the system automation to process data in a standard form resulting in different parties having the same data format.

How to choose a PIM system

While choosing this system, ensure that you choose the one that will let you update a wide range of your product information. Some of these systems end up being too complicated while others will restrict retrieval of data from different sources. The ideal system can be easily used and accessed by everyone in your organization.

Additionally, the system should also integrate with the existing ERP system to make your product information seamless.

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