Starting a freelance career

Published on : 21 May 20203 min reading time

If you are reading this article, the answer is most certainly “yes”! Logically, you’re wondering how to get started successfully…

Coder reveals the 6 steps needed to start a freelance career and become independent.

Step 1: identify your expertise

Wanting to become a freelancer is good. But to do what? What service would you like to offer?

You don’t become a freelancer just to be a freelancer, you have to want to be a professional: a web developer, a graphic designer, an editor, a consultant, a community manager, a copywriter, a telesecretary, a salesperson…

Ask yourself what your expertise is and how you can offer it to potential customers.

Step 2: Update your knowledge

Is your expertise up to date?

If you’re starting out on your own after years of experience, your knowledge may be up to date. But if you’re thinking about a career change, take the time to train before you want to sell your services.

Your first customers will be decisive for the future of your business. If they are dissatisfied with your work, your reputation may be damaged and you will find it difficult to find new assignments.

Step 3: register

To start a freelance career, you need a legal status and a siret number.

There are many legal forms to start up on your own: sole proprietorship, micro-enterprise, SASU, EURL…

If your activity requires very little investment, move towards microenterprise, which is the easiest status to access.

Step 4: prepare your marketing tools

Website, blog, social network profiles, sales pitch, business cards… It’s time to bring your business to life.

When you approach your first prospects, they will want to learn more about you.

Be ready to provide them with all the essential information through a professional showcase website, useful blog posts and a sales pitch focused on their needs.

Step 5: Register on freelance platforms

Let’s go! You’re ready to dig up your first assignments.

Our advice: sign up on platforms for putting companies and freelancers in touch with each other. Since you’re here, start by registering on Codeur.

You’ll be able to respond to professionals who need your skills.

However, to get your first contracts, remember to take care of your profile: fill in all your information, add a nice professional photo, indicate your website, fill in your portfolio and ask for recommendations from your former employers.

You will have a better chance of being selected among the candidates for an offer.

Step 6: constantly improve

Remember that success in any field is about continuous improvement and learning new things.

Always keep your knowledge up to date, increase your competence and keep an eye on your market.

This is the best way to stay competitive.

Once you understand your talent, once you are ready to satisfy a need, you can launch your freelance career!

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