Mission Statement – OMWG

Mission Statement

It is our mission to create an Ontology Managemente suite for the efficiente and effective management of ontologies. By exhaustively developing such suite, we aim at providing an integral solution for the Ontology management problem. The main inspiring priciples - simplicity (a solution to the ontology management problem that is as simple as possible), completeness (solves all aspects of the ontology management problem), reuse (borrows concepts and ideas from well stablish research areas such a DDBB field) - should provide a world-wide leading suite, which will be developed together with industrial partners and other research groups, and will be aligned with many different research projects.

The Ontology Management suite will comprise tooling support for Versioning, Merging and Alignment that will be integrated as part of the general ontology Editing and Browsing tool. It will make use of an ontology-neutral API that will provide access to different ontology repositories and reasoning engines. A DDL language will be developed to easy the interaction with the repository from the different tools, together with an interpreter for querying and on-line creation of ontologies. Further, a repository management tool for the administration of the repository will be developed.

The technological mission is to create an efficient and reliable Ontology Management suite enabling application developers to make extensive usage of Ontology technologies for enhanced information processing facilities.


The work is funded by the European Commission under the projects DIP, Knowledge Web, Ontoweb, SEKT, SWWS, Esperonto, and h-TechSight; by Science Foundation Irelandunder the DERI-Lion project; and by the Vienna city government under the CoOperate program.

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